Rob Jackson is a friend of mine who runs the best guitar instruction studio in Nashville, "Guitar Town".  Rob's no-nonsense approach to guitar teaching makes him sought after by major labels, up and coming stars, and famous artist, looking to round out their guitar chops.

I helped Rob take his extensive knowledge and unique approach to teaching and put it into his site.  Since has gone up, Rob has seen a massive influx of new students.  He has been able to get really good reach around the world with his web presence.  He has students flying in from all over the country and the world to take lessons with him since they found his site.

What makes Rob's site unique is the sheer amount of content.  We had to work to get all of his info on his site in a way that was helpful and easy to use.  To most, it may seem like too much, but Rob knows that the if a prospective student is really into wanting to learn, they will love pouring through Rob's approach.  They also love checking out Rob's personality in some of the simple videos that I produced for the site.  Check them out below.

Here is a sneak peak at the current redesign that I am doing to  Check back there and here for more updates!